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Discover Premier Electrical Brands with Ashton Electric

As a frontrunner in the electrical service sector, Ashton Electric Co. is distinguished by our profound expertise in top-tier electrical brands. Our deep understanding guarantees you’ll experience unparalleled service quality and customized solutions designed for your unique needs. Trust our proficient team in Odessa and Tampa to provide expert electrical services perfectly matched to your requirements and backed by our thorough knowledge of the finest equipment.

Electrical Panel Brands

When it comes to electrical panels, reliability and safety are paramount. Brands like Square D and Eaton stand out in the market for their robust engineering and trustworthiness. Square D panels are renowned for their longevity and ease of use, making them a top choice for both residential and commercial installations. On the other hand, Eaton offers a wide range of customizable and scalable panelboards, ideal for diverse electrical needs. Both brands are compliant with rigorous safety standards, ensuring that they meet the demands of modern electrical loads.

Circuit Breaker Brands

Schneider Electric and Siemens are leaders in the circuit breaker industry, offering solutions that enhance safety and efficiency. Schneider Electric provides a comprehensive range of circuit breakers that are known for their innovative features, such as remote control operation and fault detection capabilities. Siemens offers high-quality breakers designed for durability and precision, suitable for a variety of applications from industrial to residential. These brands help protect electrical circuits by effectively managing overload and short circuit situations, ensuring operational reliability.

Lighting Fixture Brands

Philips and GE Lighting are giants in the lighting fixture domain, known for their cutting-edge technology and variety. Philips excels in energy-efficient lighting solutions, including LED fixtures that provide superior light quality while reducing energy consumption. GE Lighting is synonymous with high performance and reliability, offering products from stylish residential lighting to specialized industrial fixtures. Both brands are committed to innovation, continually evolving to meet modern spaces’ aesthetic and functional requirements.

Electrical Outlet Brands

Leviton and Hubbell are synonymous with quality and innovation in electrical outlets. Leviton offers various outlet options, including smart outlets that can be controlled via smartphone apps, enhancing user convenience and energy efficiency. Hubbell excels in manufacturing heavy-duty outlets designed for commercial and industrial environments and built to withstand rigorous use and environmental conditions. These brands ensure safety, functionality, and durability, making them preferred choices for electrical installations.

Electrical Switch Brands

Lutron and Legrand are at the forefront of the electrical switch market and are known for their stylish designs and functional superiority. Lutron specializes in dimmer switches and automated lighting control systems that help save energy and provide optimal lighting levels. Legrand switches are admired for their innovation and versatility, with features that include touch-sensitive operation and wireless control. Both brands offer products that combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, enhancing the user experience in residential and commercial settings.

Electrical Wiring Brands

Southwire and Romex are trusted names in the industry for reliable electrical wiring. Southwire offers a wide range of versatile wiring products designed for safety and durability, including weather-resistant options suitable for outdoor use. Romex is known for its non-metallic sheathed cable, which is widely used in residential electrical systems for its easy installation and robust insulation. Both brands provide high-quality wiring solutions that meet stringent safety standards, ensuring efficient and secure electrical systems.

Standby Generator Brands

Generac stands out as a prominent leader in the standby generator market, and it is known for its reliable and high-performance units. Specializing in standby generators, Generac designs products that ensure long-lasting operation and seamless power supply during outages. Alongside Generac, brands like Kohler and Briggs & Stratton also offer robust standby generators, each bringing unique features. Kohler is recognized for its strong build and quick-start capabilities, while Briggs & Stratton generators are appreciated for their cost-effectiveness and user-friendly designs. These brands collectively provide advanced technology and durable construction, preparing homeowners and businesses for any power requirements.

Electrical Tool Brands

Milwaukee and Klein Tools are the go-to brands for professional electricians needing dependable and precise tools. Milwaukee is recognized for its high-quality power tools that deliver outstanding performance and durability. Klein Tools excels in hand tools specifically designed for the electrical industry, including pliers, wire strippers, and multimeters engineered for accuracy and ease of use. Both brands are committed to providing innovative tools that enhance productivity and safety.


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