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Safety Harbor, Fl

Enhance Your Art with Professional Lighting in Safety Harbor

Illuminate your cherished art collection with unmatched expertise. At Ashton Electric Co., we specialize in providing the perfect lighting solutions for homes and galleries in Safety Harbor. Our experienced team ensures your artwork is showcased in the best light. Connect with us today at 813-547-4656 to schedule your installation.

A photograph of Art Lighting Installation in Safety Harbor
A beautiful photograph of Safety Harbor, Fl - Ashton Electric Co.

Why Professional Art Lighting is Essential

Choosing the right lighting for your art is crucial for enhancing its beauty. Our services in Safety Harbor offer:

  • Visual improvement of your artwork, highlighting its details and colors.
  • Protection against damage with advanced lighting that minimizes UV exposure.
  • Custom solutions that complement your space’s aesthetics.

Our Comprehensive Art Lighting Services

Ashton Electric Co. provides a wide range of art lighting services, including:

  • Consultation and Design: Crafting a lighting scheme that enhances your collection.
  • Professional Installation: Effortless integration of lighting into your current space, performed by certified electricians.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: Regular maintenance to guarantee your lighting system remains optimal.

Selecting the Perfect Lighting for Your Art

Our team helps you navigate the options to find the best fit for your artwork and space:

  • Directional Lighting: Ideal for focusing attention on individual pieces.
  • LED Lighting: Offers energy-efficient solutions without harming the artwork.
  • Color Temperature Control: Enables the modification of lighting to match the mood of each piece.

Why Choose Ashton Electric Co.?

Opting for Ashton Electric Co. means selecting a partner who values your art as much as you do. We offer:

  • Expertise in art-specific lighting solutions, supported by a portfolio of successful installations in Safety Harbor.
  • A commitment to preserving the integrity of your artwork, using state-of-the-art lighting technologies.
  • Personalized service that meets your specific needs and vision.
Safety Harbor, Fl - Photograph - Ashton Electric Co.

Get Started on Your Art Lighting Project Today

Don’t let poor lighting diminish the beauty of your art. Elevate your space with Ashton Electric Co.’s professional art lighting installation services in Safety Harbor. Reach out at 813-547-4656 to learn more. Let us help you illuminate your collection in the best possible light.


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