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Land O Lakes, Fl

Professional Electrical Switch and Outlet Installation in Land O Lakes

Upgrade your residence in Land O Lakes with Ashton Electric Co.’s reliable electrical switch and outlet installation services. Whether you’re looking to improve safety, our experienced electricians are equipped to offer top-quality installations. Ensure your electrical system is safe, efficient, and up to date. Contact us today at 813-547-4656 to arrange for a consultation.

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Why Upgrade Your Electrical Switches and Outlets?

Updating your switches and outlets is crucial for enhancing safety and functionality:

  • Enhancing safety with modern, up-to-code components.
  • Increasing property appeal with modern fixtures.
  • Improving energy efficiency and lowering utility bills.
  • Adding convenience with smart switches.

Our Switch and Outlet Installation Services

Ashton Electric Co. offers a comprehensive suite of installation services, including:

  • New installations for renovations or new constructions.
  • Replacements of outdated or non-functional switches and outlets.
  • Installation of specialized switching and outlet options for enhanced functionality.
  • Evaluations post-installation to ensure compliance with all local codes.

Selecting the Right Products for Your Home

Choosing the appropriate switches and outlets is crucial for your specific needs:

  • Determining the right type based on your home’s design.
  • Considering energy-saving options for future-proofing your home.
  • Selecting styles and finishes that complement your home’s interior.

The Installation Process

Our process is designed for efficiency:

  • Consultation: Understanding your needs and evaluating your current electrical system.
  • Planning: Creating a tailored installation plan that fits your specifications.
  • Execution: Conducting the installation with attention to detail, using the highest quality materials.
  • Testing: Ensuring all installed switches and outlets function properly.

Why Choose Ashton Electric Co.?

Partnering with Ashton Electric Co. for your switch and outlet needs means:

  • Working with a team that prioritizes quality workmanship and satisfaction.
  • Benefiting from our deep expertise in electrical installations.
  • Receiving transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
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FAQs About Switch and Outlet Installation

Customers often have questions about installing new switches and outlets. Here are some common concerns:

  • How long does installation take? Most projects are completed within a day, depending on the scope.
  • Can I install smart switches in an older home? Absolutely, we can upgrade your system to accommodate smart technology.
  • Are USB outlets worth the investment? Yes, they offer convenience and free up traditional outlets for other uses.

Get Started on Your Electrical Upgrade in Land O Lakes

Ready to enhance your residence with professional switch and outlet installations in Land O Lakes? Ashton Electric Co. is here to help. Call us at 813-547-4656 today to initiate your project with a team that ensures safety, quality, and satisfaction. Upgrade your living space with our expert services.


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