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Comprehensive Electrical Inspection Services in Wesley Chapel

At Ashton Electric Co., we recognize the critical importance of electrical safety in your property or business in Wesley Chapel. Our certified electricians deliver detailed electrical inspections to guarantee your electrical systems are up to code. Prioritize safety; call us at 813-547-4656 for a thorough inspection today.

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Why Electrical Inspections Are Essential

Regular electrical inspections are vital for:

  • Guaranteeing the safety of your property and preventing potential hazards.
  • Identifying outdated wiring or electrical systems that require an upgrade.
  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing your utility bills.
  • Adhering to local building codes and insurance requirements.

Our Electrical Inspection Services

Ashton Electric Co. provides a range of electrical inspection services to satisfy your needs:

  • Electrical Assessments for Potential Homebuyers: Detailed assessments for potential homebuyers.
  • Yearly Electrical Safety Inspections: Annual inspections to ensure ongoing electrical safety.
  • Evaluations Before Renovations: Evaluations before beginning any major renovations.
  • Code Compliance Checks: Verifications that your property adheres to all local electrical codes.

What Our Electrical Inspections Include

Our thorough electrical inspections include:

  • Examination of your electrical panel for safety.
  • Testing of outlets and switches for functionality.
  • Assessment of lighting fixtures, circuits, and wiring throughout the property.
  • Inspection of outdoor electrical systems, including security lighting and outlets.

Benefits of a Professional Electrical Inspection

Choosing a professional for your electrical inspection provides numerous advantages:

  • Peace of Mind: Being confident your electrical system is comprehensively inspected by experts.
  • Cost Savings: Spotting and fixing minor issues before they become major problems.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reducing the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and other hazards.
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Preparing for Your Electrical Inspection

To get the most out of your electrical inspection, consider the following preparations:

  • Ensure easy access to your electrical panel and outlets.
  • Have a list of any electrical issues or concerns ready for our team.
  • Expect the inspection to take a few hours, depending on the size of your property.

FAQs About Electrical Inspections

Homeowners often have questions about electrical inspections. Here are some typical inquiries:

  • How often should I have an electrical inspection? We recommend at least every 3-5 years for residential properties, and more frequently for older homes or commercial properties.
  • What’s the difference between an inspection and an electrical audit? Inspections concentrate on safety and code compliance, while audits assess energy usage and efficiency.
  • Can I stay in my home during the inspection? Yes, it’s typically fine for you to stay at home while our electricians conduct the inspection.

Schedule Your Electrical Inspection with Ashton Electric Co.

For premier electrical inspection services in Wesley Chapel, rely on Ashton Electric Co. Our team is prepared to ensure your electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up to code. Contact us today at 813-547-4656 to schedule your inspection and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands.


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